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The number of under-16s using Twitter has fallen over the past five years, reports The Times today. Technology correspondent Mark Bridge reports that Twitter has admitted that its service is not attractive to young people as it seeks to persuade MPs that regulation of social media is unnecessary and could be counterproductive.

“Young people are not on Twitter, in the main,” Sinead McSweeney, the US company’s spokeswoman, told the Commons science and technology committee yesterday.

“It’s not a platform that’s directed towards them; it’s not a platform that they find attractive.” She added: “I think the most recent Ofcom figures indicated that 0 per cent of 12 to 15-year-olds were on Twitter.”

Figures from Ofcom, the media regulator, in fact show that 19 per cent of children aged 12 to 15 used Twitter last year. Twenty-four per cent used YouTube, which is owned by Google, and 74 per cent used Facebook.

Use of Twitter and Facebook by under-16s has fallen over the past five years as Snapchat and Instagram, both newer services, have gained popularity.

Analysts say that the older social networks have an image problem because they are used increasingly by parents. Twitter has also been criticised as unrepresentative of the population.


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