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For the second time in a week, MPs have voted to reject a Leveson 2-style inquiry into the media after the House of Lords voted yesterday for a fresh multi-million pound inquiry into historical allegations against newspapers.

Opponents warned the upper chamber was overstepping its ‘constitutional legitimacy’ and should defer to elected MPs. In the House of Commons this afternoon, MPs voted by 301 to 289 to reject an amendment by the House of Lords for aanother inquiry.

Following the vote this afternoon, the News Media Association said: “We welcome the Commons’ clear decision to reject Leveson 2 and punitive costs sanctions and look forward to the early repeal of Section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act.

“Yet another costly statutory inquiry into the news media inevitably would have demonised the entire press for the past failings of a few and led to more recommendations damaging for freedom of speech. The ICO’s increased powers will need to be carefully assessed and we will seek an early meeting with the Information Commissioner. Together with IPSO and its compulsory arbitration scheme, these mean that newspapers – local, regional and national - are subject to greater accountability in the UK than in any other western democracy.”  

It was the second time in a week that MPs have rejected moves to enact the inquiry. The Labour front bench said it was inconceivable that they would be pushing for Section 40-style costs sanctions again.


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