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Harland Simon has been selected to supply a second phase controls upgrade to the Goss Uniliner press at Butler Eagle,  Pennsylvania.

This upgrade will involve replacing three RotoVision PCs and two drive ControlLogix PLCs to remove obsolete components and future-proof the press. Screens will be replaced with additional Prima PressNet control screens (see picture), which means that all press control functions can be accessed via Harland Simon touch screens.

The ControlLogix processors in the press control rack will also be upgraded along with the central maintenance and diagnostic capabilities via RS Logix 500 software (by Allen Bradley) to enable quick fault finding and maximise up-time. This upgrade brings Butler Eagle’s control systems up to the latest standards. 

The existing system will remain operational until the new equipment has been fully tested and commissioned, which Harland Simon says eliminates any risk to production.

“This method also keeps costs down while ensuring all the vulnerable parts of the system are replaced. The solution will be based on techniques that have been successfully developed for the replacement of many systems originally supplied by other press and drives manufacturers over the past 40 years,” said a Harland Simon spokesman.

Ronald Vodenichar, general manager and co-publisher of the Butler Eagle commented: 

“This upgrade which replaces the front end RotoVision and PLCs will help eliminate obsolescence. The continuing partnership with Harland Simon helps to guarantee press up-time with-off-the shelf components, new software and 24/7 support.” 

This project follows on from other successful Goss Universal press upgrades in North America, Europe and around the world and a recent order to upgrade the same generation of controls on the Goss Universal press at La Prensa in Panama.

The upgrade solution has also been rolled out to a number of sites in Europe and Asia; as well as in the US at Advance Web Offset, CA; Star Phoenix, SK; Tribune-Review, PA; Engle Printing, PA, and Arizona Republic, AZ. 

Installation and commissioning is scheduled for early September.


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