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The Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday both grew their market share of UK retail sales in March, according to the latest figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC).

In March, the Daily Mail’s market share grew +0.8 per cent to 24.8 per cent, and the Mail on Sunday had its 22nd consecutive period of year on year growth with a new market share of 21.8 per cent.

UK retail sales were unaffected by Mail Newspapers’ decision in December to end multiple copy sales activity. As a result, overall circulation figures no longer incoude copies given free of charge by airlines in their airport lounges and departure gates; this change adds between for to fiv per cent to the ovberall circulation declines during 2018.

Roland Agambar, chief marketing officer at Mail Newspapers, said: “The only true reflection of a newspaper’s strength and its customer demand come from analysing UK retail sales. Other sales fgures include free copies or copies not directly purchased by readers wheras the UK retail is a true reflection of the number of copies purchased. 

“Significantly more money is spent on te Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday than any other paper in the country and consequently thes titles put more money into retailers’ pockets than any of their competitors.

“This product strenhgth is a reflection of The Mail’s continued investment in quality editorial content supported by our leading loyalty and promotions programmes, meaning we continue to retain our loyal readers and are the only newspaper that can deliver both scale in erms of copies sold without subsiding the sale with price cuts.”

Metro’s national ABC figure for the month was 1.47m, up ten per cent against February. the paper]s display advertising was in line with forecast for March, while classified was nine per cent ahead of forecast and profit was seven per cent ahead of forecast in March. Metro remains the largest cicrulated national newspaper in teh Monday-Saturday market, despite publishing one less day per week.


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